Should I Rent a Wheel Chair?

There are a number of things you should consider before paying for a wheelchair rental. Do you actually need a rental in the first place? Call the hotels or resorts you will be staying at and inquire if they offer wheelchairs to their customers. Also call any museums, amusement parks, or other destinations you will be attending and make the same inquiry. Many of these places offer wheelchair access to their customers free of charge. If you can effectively rent a wheelchair for free, there is no reason to pay extra for it.

Other hotels, parks, and destinations may charge for renting their wheelchairs or may not offer wheelchairs to their customers. If they do charge, you may save money by renting one chair for your entire trip instead of paying multiple wheelchair fees throughout your trip.

Check the phone book (yellow pages) under medical supplies or do an internet search for companies that rent wheelchairs. Short-term wheelchair rental rates run from thirty to one hundred dollars a day. The amount charged may vary depending on the length of your rental. If you want to rent a self-propelled wheelchair or a scooter, expect to pay more than for a regular wheelchair.

There are a few things you can do to reduce this cost. The first thing you should inquire about is whether or not your insurance will pay for the wheelchair rental.

A second option is to simply buy a wheelchair instead. Let’s say your trip will last twenty days, and the rental company will charge you two thousand dollars for a twenty day rental. In a case like this you may prefer to purchase a four-hundred dollar wheelchair. The investment will also be likely to save you money in the long-run since you may never have to rent a wheelchair again since wheelchairs are quite durable and long lasting.