We did a survey and found these list prices of some chairs. These are "list" prices and the price you pay may vary. One interesting fact from these charts are the wide variety of prices.

Manual Chairs

Wheelchair Price Manufacturer
Steel Transport Chair $99 Invacare
Excel Freedom Transport Chair $159 Medline
Steel Transport Chair $105 Drive
Karman Ultra Light Reclining Transport Chair $989 Karman
Lightweight Bariatric Transport Chair $300 Graham-Field
Probasics Lightweight Transport Chair $129 Probasics
FreeLander Deluxe Manual Wheelchair $345 Keen Mobility
Breezy Ultra 4 Custom Wheelchair $399 Sunrise Medical
Spazz G Ultralight Wheelchair $1650 Colours
Pride Stylus Manual Wheelchair $425 Pride Mobility
Probasics Lightweight Transport Chair $129 Probasics
BCW 600 Heavy Duty Wheelchair $1775 Wheelchairs Of Kansas
Comfort Ultralight Wheelchair $415 Medical Base Corp
Travel Companion™ Lightweight Wheelchair $429 Carlsbad International
Convaid EZ Rider Adaptive Stroller $1200 Convaid
Stowaway Lightweight Folding Wheelchair $795 Hart Mobility
Küschall R33 Manual Wheelchair $3899 Küschall North America
Liberty Adaptive Stroller by Baby Jogger $900 Advance Mobility
TheraPedic Umbrella Stroller $1375 Columbia Medical
Cheetah Pediatric 3 Wheel Wheelchair $2399 Snug Seat


Power Chairs

Wheelchair Price Manufacturer
Pride Go-Chair Travel Powerchair $1499 Pride Mobility
Golden Compass Heavy Duty Powerchair $4299 Golden Technologies
Nutron R51 LXP Power Wheelchair $2999 Invacare
Renegade Power Wheelchair $1722 ActiveCare Medical
Drive GEO Power Wheelchair $1199 Drive
Shoprider Jimmie Power Chair $1190 Shoprider
CTM Portable Power Chair $1490 CTM
Metro III Power Wheelchair $999 Graham-Field


The prices for conventional and powered wheelchairs given here are only guides. Anyone who shops around may well find cheaper models available. Similarly, there are wheelchairs that far exceed these prices because they are custom built to match particular needs.